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PHILIPS EB-Certalume for TL-D Lamps

  • Product family information Affordable, reliable, high-frequency electronic ballast for TL-D fluorescent lamps, ideal alternative to electromagnetic fluorescent systemsThe cost-saving and reliable EB-C has energy efficiency class A2, and its robust design meets all necessary international standards for safety and EMC. The ballast is primarily designed for indoor use. For outdoor use, the luminaire should be minimum ClassⅠand be sufficiently protected against water and dust. The installation should also be protected against lightning surges or any other electrical protection deemed necessary in this type of installation and application. Benefits Energy-saving solution (CELMA A2) Long lifetime of 45,000 hours @ Ta=50 °C Conforming to international standards for safety and EMC Features Energy-efficient CELMA A2, high power factor 0.97 with THD < 18% Safety according to IEC 61347-2-3, and EMC-compliant with EN 55015 2006 + A1 2007 Robust design for 45,000 hours lifetime at Ta 50 °C and avg. 6,000 on/off switches on one lamp Quick warm, flicker-free lamp start (< 1.0 s), no ignitor needed Wide voltage range for ignition and operation (165-253 V) Applications Ideal for applications with long burning hours and infrequent on/off switching activity Professional indoor applications (e.g. offices and hotels), department stores, shops, supermarkets and public areas and indoor lighting boxes and homes
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