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PHILIPS Green Perform Highbay Elite

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    GreenPerform Highbay Elite is the latest innovation in a successful range of highbay luminaires for high ceiling and industrial applications. The unique finless design has received the iF Design Award 2019 and Reddot Design Award 2019 for its aesthetic appeal. But this versatile luminaire offers a wealth of practical features too, including great light quality, high energy savings, a long lifetime at an affordable price and a wide variety of optics and lumen packages. The Green Perform Highbay Elite luminaire provides options for advanced connectivity with IoT-based systems and software applications including the Interact Pro system. If you’re looking for a 'fit and forget' robust and reliable solution with connectivity advantages, Green Perform Highbay Elite is the smart choice.



    • Unique aesthetics with superior light quality.
    • Robust and reliable with a highly-efficient, long service life and an attractive Total Cost of Ownership, saving up to 60% as a point-to-point replacement for HPI 250 W, HPL 400 W and HPI 400 W.
    • Connected ready for cloud-based IoT software applications.


    • High efficiency up to 145 lm/w
    • Long service life of 75,000 hours (L70B50 at a temperature of 35 ⁰C)
    • Complete range of lumen packages from 10,000 to 30,000 lm
    • Colour Rendering Index of above 80
    • Wide variety of optics for a range of applications, and suitable for hook, pipe and bracket mountings


    • General manufacturing
    • Warehouses and logistical centres
    • Hallways
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