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PHILIPS GreenPerform Cleanroom Teardrop G2

  • Product family information

    Greenperform Cleanroom Teardrop G2 is an optimised cleanroom lighting fixture. With its slim, compact and smooth housing design, Teardrop G2 maximally avoids dust attached in cleanroom application, and can meet the classification 10 ~1000. CR388C series products also provide excellent lighting quality, substantial energy saving and reliable quality of maintenance free. Both white and yellow lighting solutions are available, Teardrop G2 is your excellent option for both new projects and retrofit projects.



    • Compact, slim, robust housing, avoid the dust attaching
    • soft, unifom lighting output, low flicking, friendly to human eyes
    • long lifetime, low energy consumption, delivers energy saving and set you free from product maintenance
    • Easy installation, saving your labour cost


    • IP40, IK03, dural extrusion housing, cleanroom classification 10 - 1000
    • CRI>80, SDCM<5, anti UV Polycarbonate optical diffuser
    • 50K hours lifetime @ L70B50
    • Surface& ceiling installation, track kits available for T-bar installation


    • Integrated circuit (VLS) manufacturing
    • Fine mechanical components, aviation instruments, hydraulic parts
    • Critical optical devices, optical discs
    • Beverage, Aseptic filling (juice, custards)
    • Food, Pharmaceutical industry
    • Semiconductor manufacturing/assembly
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