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PHILIPS GreenPerform Highbay G4

  • Product family information

    Following the success of the GreenPerform Highbay families, the GreenPerform Highbay G4 is continuously exploring a better price and performance balance. The product family offers wide product ranges, competitive enough SPEC with long-term quality and reliability, covering most of the potential industrial applications.



    • Strong energy-saving story
    • Better and easier on-site calibration
    • Robust and reliable with a long service lifetime
    • Various application requirements satisfied with the complete product family


    • System efficacy 135 lm/W ±10%
    • Round light exit window for better and easier on-site calibration
    • Long service lifetime 50 Khrs L70B50 @Ta 35 °C
    • Complete lumen package offering
    • Multiple optics available: WB & NB
    • Suitable for hook, pipe and bracket mounting


    • General manufacturing
    • Warehouses and logistical centres
    • Exhibition halls and high ceiling lounges
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