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PHILIPS GreenPerform Panel

  • Product family information

    GreenPerform Panel is the slimmest Panel with highest efficacy in the market. It offers two lumen options with four dimension types, 200X1200, 300X1200, 600x600,600x1200, and three mounting options, recessed, suspended and plaster ceiling.


    • Energy saving
    • Easy handling and installation
    • Covers most types of ceilings with different size of 200X1200, 300X1200, 600X600 and 600X1200
    • Good light quality
    • Reliable performance
    • Easy maintenances and installation
    • Office compliant and visual comfortableness


    • Thickness as thin as 8.3mm
    • Different installation methods, (T-bar, plater ceiling, CPC and suspended).
    • CRI > 80, SDCM<4, Flicker free
    • Lifetime L80 50,000hours
    • Replaceable driver with plug in
    • UGR16,UGR19 versions available


    • InterAct Pro
    • InterAct Office wireless
    • InterAct Office wired
    • Spacewise


    • Open office
    • Meeting room
    • Hospital
    • Canteen
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