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PHILIPS GreenUp Lowbay G2

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    Good lighting is essential in industrial workspaces and large indoor areas. The wrong choice of lights or a lighting not correctly planned can lead to eye strain, fatigue, and poor performance, compromising safety and productivity.The Philips GreenUp Lowbay G2 luminaire is a simple LED solution which efficiently illuminates work areas, creating a brighter and better work, retail or sporting environment. With its crisp, white light and high colour rendering index coupled with energy efficiency, high visibility and enhances safety 24/7.Equipped with motion detection function, this easy-to-install and low-maintenance lighting solution is suitable for a variety of applications.



    • High energy saving up to 73% comparing to HPI-P system.
    • Lighting for need, is able to achieve additional 10% energy saving through occupancy and motion-based dimming.
    • Comfort light quality
    • Easy installation and retrofitting


    • High efficacy: 120 lumens per watt
    • Provides option of 1~10V motion detection sensor version on 8800lm
    • Consistent colour rendering CRI>80 and R9>0
    • Micro lens structure to realise the accurate distribution good glare control
    • Five choices of optional accessories make it suitable for various applications
    • Lifetime of 50,000 hours @L70B50 with end-to-end Philips production quality assurance


    • Industrial workspaces
    • Open areas
    • Warehouses
    • Retail stores
    • Stadiums
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