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PHILIPS OptiVision LED gen3.5 C

  • Product family information The Philips OptiVision LED gen3.5 floodlighting system provides a complete lighting solution for the simplest through to the most complex area and recreational sports lighting applications. The high-efficiency floodlight comes with a single-piece die-cast housing, hosting 2 and 3 LED engines respectively, which also function with an external driver box – separate for use at a distance from the floodlight (BV), or prefixed onto the mounting bracket of the floodlight (HGB) for ease of installation and lower initial cost. It meets the highest performance standards, provides outstanding light, quality, uniformity and ensures safety and visual comfort. Benefits The wide range of optics ensure maximum optical efficiency and enables highly precise light distribution with minimum spill light. 0-tilt allows for low sCx value for projects that want to re-use installed pole structures to minimise the required investment. 0 tilt option further increases comfort and minimises complaints on light trespass from residents When combined with Philips controls or the Interact Sports lighting management system, the floodlight enables additional energy savings (up to 65%) in different area lighting applications Equipped with a service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information Features Single piece pressure die cast housing, with a protection level of IP66 against dust and water Wide range of ambient temperature tolerance making it suitable for a variety of sports and area lighting applications Option to add additional accessories to have the best-in-class spill light, 0 tilt, glare and up-light control Single high-power driver with IP66 protection pressure die cast housing and 10 kV surge protection System Programmable DALI Driver, making it suitable to connect to lighting management systems like Interact Sports Applications Logistics areas (Ports) Apron lighting (Airports), Parking and Industrial areas Recreational sports lighting applications (Football, Hockey, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, etc)
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