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  • Product family information Philips Solar Remote Monitoring Units (RMU) is a breakthrough solution for off-grid solar street lighting. It records system operation data, which can be used for energy reporting, environment and sustainability reports and system state-of-the health; The RMU enables real-time remote control, updating dimming profiles, remote programming and upgrading. The user-friendly interface of the software is easy for you to manage the solar lights remotely. Benefits Monitor the health of critical components of the solar lighting system Remotely control the solar street lights, individually or in groups Logs energy data so you can analyse system performance Remotely optimise the dimming profile of street lights according to the changing solar irradiance in various seasons Make the solar street light system smart-city-ready with data access through APIs Real time alerts to minimise outages Easy installation through plug-and-play single cable connection Features 128-bit AES-encrypted communication Weather-proof, rugged construction Web-based user interface, compatible with all major web explorers Multiple options to store the dimming profile in LCU or CCU Supports both individual and group controls Choice of 2G/3G/4G or Ethernet-based back-haul connectivity Role-based user access control mechanisms Configurable data read interval Applications Solar Street Lighting
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