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  • Product family information Developed with the aim to become your long term partner ,the system ready architecture of RoadCharm enables you to enjoy the benefits of connected lighting systems today and also gets the city ready for the innovations to come. It is designed to achieve better light uniformity and a maximum spacing between poles for both pedestrian and vehicle road applications. With its die-cast aluminium housing and Philips LED platform, it is easy to maintain, has a long lifetime and a consistency you can count on. It also offers two housing sizes and a range of beam optics to fully cater to different road configurations and conditions. RoadCharm offers 50% energy savings compared to conventional lamp systems, making it the perfect sustainable lighting solution for any emerging metropolis. Benefits Robust and reliable with a long service lifetime Elegant finless design System ready design Equipped with Service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information. Features Best-in-class efficiency and light performance in a broad range of applications. Long service lifetime 100Khrs L70B10 @Ta 35°C System-ready option with SR(Zhaga) and 7Pin NEMA socket options. Surge protection up to 15 kV. Applications Pedestrian category roads (P1-P6) Vehicle category roads (M1-M6) Traffic routes and main access road Urban and residential areas
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