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PHILIPS RoadFlair Gen2

  • Product family information The RoadFlair Gen2 is brand new design road lighting product family, set to meet customers’ all-round requirements, including high lumen efficacy for energy saving and sustainability, an aesthetic design with nice shapes and appearance, quality materials and components for product reliability and long lifetime, professional optics for various applications, a dimming and system control interface for improving municipal operations and offering future-proof features. The RoadFlair Gen2 competitive price will help with the acceleration of road lighting LED transformation, to a more sustainable society and smarter city. Benefits High lumen efficacy for saving energy. Robust quality and reliability. Professional optics for various road applications. Control interface for system compatibility. Economical LED alternative to conventional street lights. Features Four housing types covering up to 43,000 lm Typical 140 lm/W 1-10 V dimming interface 100,000 hrs lifetime 10 kV or 15 kV surge-protection device System Interact City Applications Pedestrian Road Highway Road Residential Road Interchange
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