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PHILIPS SportsStar G2

  • Product family information Philips SportsStar Gen2 is a revolutionary innovative product for sports lighting: it is one-to-one replacement for ArenaVision MVF403 2,000 W applications, with 160 Klm system-level light output at CRI90. It has similar weight and size compare to MVF403, and can be easily replaced without building and construction changes. The single high-power IP66 rated driver delivers flicker-free performance and has a DMX port embedded. Together with the Interact Sports system, it brings an immersive experience to sports and multipurpose arenas. Benefits One-to-one replacement to ArenaVision MVF403 2,000 W application Robust quality and reliability DMX interface together with Interact Sports system bringing immersive experiences Comply with HDTV broadcasting requirement Features System lumen output >160 Klm, CRI90 Light weight and compact dimensions for easy handling 50 Khrs lifetime DMX control interface Flicker-free (<1%) performance System Interact Sports Applications Outdoor arenas, stadiums and racing tracks Indoor sports arenas and halls Multipurpose sports facilities and arenas
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