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PHILIPS TrueForce LED Public

  • Product family information Philips LED Road lamps are an easy LED solution with a short payback period to replace High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and High-Pressure Sodium (SON) lamps. TrueForce LED solutions bring the energy efficiency and long lifetime benefits of LED to HID replacement, providing instant savings for a low initial investment. With the right lamp size and light distribution, you can easily retrofit TrueForce LED road lamps into existing SON and SON-T systems, enhancing the lighting quality with LED without changing the luminaire’s ballast or reflector. Benefits Cost-saving lamps with short payback time Low initial investment Easy way to enhance lighting quality Features High energy-efficiency Long lifetime of 50,000 hours Right size and light distribution for retrofits Direct LED replacement, no need to change the luminaire Pleasant white light with CRI70 Applications Road and Street Parks
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