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  • Product family information UNILinear Flex are extremely waterproof and anti-dust LED strips with professional design to guarantee lighting performance. Thanks to an anti-UV polyurethane filling and processing using irrigation method sealing glue, it not only ensures a high quality of lighting colour consistency but also protects outdoor products against harsh environments. It can be used for decoration lighting and guidance lighting outdoors, the higher CRI (80) delivers good performance of lighting in colour rendering. Benefits Real IP68 water-proof and vivid light colourLower maintenance costs and fewer concerns re water invasion Features IP68, sealed with anti-UV polyurethane without colour shifting and anti-UV ageing;Various lumen outputs from 400 lm to 1,200 lm per metre;Optional CCT 2,500 K/3,000 K/4,000 K/5,000 K/RGB for different applications;CRI80 for better vivid colour rendering;SDCM≤ 5, better colour consistency for visual comfort;DC 24VDC, Class III for safety use;Long lifespan 30 K hrs. L70B50@35 ℃;Lead cable (1,000 mm) for connection;CB and CE certified; Applications Decorative lightingGuidance lightingSwimming poolCove lighting
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