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ABB Pilot Lamp Red 24V AC/DC CL2-502R CL2-520R

  • Pilot Lamp Merah Red 24V AC/DC CL2-502R 1SFA619403R5021 Compact Pilot Light - Pilot light head - Red - Illuminated - Lamptype: LED 24V AC/DC Technical Ambient Air Temperature: Operation -25 ... +70 C Storage -40 ... +85 C Color: Red Actuator Type: Pilot light head Illumination: Illuminated Lamp Type: 24V AC / DC, integrated LED Degree of Protection: Front IP66 Front IP67 Front IP69K Terminals IP20 Enclosure Type NEMA: Type1 Type12 Type13 Type3R Type4 Type4X Rated Operational Voltage: 24 V AC/DC Terminal Type: Screw Terminals Tightening Torque: Control Circuit 0.9 Nm Wire Stripping Length: Control Circuit 8 mm
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