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PHILIPS ArenaVision LED gen3.5 C

  • Product family information The Philips ArenaVision LED floodlighting system is an innovative LED pitch-lighting solution supporting the latest TV broadcasting standards. Designed exclusively for sports and multi-purpose venues, ArenaVision LED offers outstanding light quality, effective thermal management and long lifetime. When combined with control applications such as the InteractSports lighting management system, ArenaVision LED can simplify the delivery of the right illumination by scheduling or through real-time adjustments and can be used to create customised light shows before, during and after the main event. To ensure optimised use for both indoor and outdoor applications, the floodlight range includes two single-piece pressure die-cast housing versions, hosting 2 and 3 LED engines respectively. These versions also function with an external driver box – separate for use at a distance from the floodlight (BV version), or pre-fixed onto the mounting bracket of the floodlight (HGB version). This external driver box ensures ease of installation and lower initial cost. Benefits Maximum design flexibility to fit different stadium architectures and high lighting quality – compliant with international broadcasting standards for any type of sport The single high-power IP66-rated DMX driver enables ArenaVision LED to be connected to the Interact Sports lighting management system, thereby enabling remote light management and the creation of dynamic light shows. While delivering maximum light output. the floodlight has an excellent thermal management system, which in combination with its low weight and IP66 rating helps maximise lifetime and minimise maintenance costs for both newly built and retrofitted installations Equipped with a service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information Features Single piece pressure die cast housing, with a protection level of IP66 against dust and water Wide range of asymmetrical and symmetrical optics ensuring low glare and best-in-class lighting uniformity, exceeding the requirements of all types of sports lighting level standards Wide range of ambient temperature tolerance making it suitable for a variety of sports applications Option to add additional accessories to achieve best-in-class glare and up-light control Programmable DMX Driver to enable programming and integration with entertainment lighting fixtures and other Interact Sports applications Applications Outdoor arenas, stadiums and racing tracks (Cricket, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Hockey, Golf, Ice skating, Horse racing, F1 racing, Athletics, etc.) Indoor sports arenas and halls (Swimming pools, Velodromes, Basketball, Ice hockey, etc.) Multiple and multipurpose sports facilities and arenas
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