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PHILIPS GreenPerform Highbay Rectangular

  • Product family information

    The GreenPerform Highbay Rectangular continues the GreenPerform family’s enviable reputation for reliable performance. Not only does it deliver Unified Glare Rating (UGR) control with its optimised optical design, it also promises leading system efficiency, compact dimensions and extended long-term quality. Optimized for almost all industrial applications, it is also fully compatible with IoT software such as the Interact scalable system.



    • Excellent energy savings
    • Long-term quality and reliability
    • Great design flexibility and convenience thanks to optimised optics and multiple control options


    • 140 lm/W system efficacy
    • 70,000 hours lifetime @Ta 35⁰C
    • Glare control (near beam), uniform illustration (wide beam) and maximal spacing (high-rack optic).
    • Works seamlessly with the Interact IoT software and platform
    • Compact and robust design


    • Warehouses
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution centre
    • Exhibition hall
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