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PHILIPS GreenPerform Waterproof G3

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    GreenPerform Waterproof G3 is a superb choice for hard-working applications. Not only does it provide excellent optical performance, it also delivers substantial energy saving. And because it works seamlessly with IoT software like Interact, it also offers the option of customisation, convenience and data-driven insights.



    • Suit your applications with choice of two superior optics
    • Excellent energy savings
    • Data-driven insights via
    • Interact software and platforms


    • Injection molding Polycarbonate Cover Opal (PCO) and Wide Beam (WB) optics
    • Up to 140 lm/W
    • IP65/IK08
    • 50,000 hours L70 B50 @ 35°C
    • Works with Interact IoT software and platform


    • Parking Garages
    • Manufacturing
    • Warehouses
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