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PHILIPS TrueFashion

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    TrueFashion is a series of LED projectors that meet the miniaturization and presentation needs of specialist retailers.First of all, these miniature spotlights have clean and refined details in a modern design that flows smoothly into the interior of the store for a custom look.Second, thanks to the innovative OptiAccent lens technology (FPO), these spots provide high-quality accent effects, with a higher beam intensity without light spillage. In this way the contrast ratio and the accent effect are optimal. The difference between OptiAccent, Chip-on-Board technology and reflector optics is huge, especially when it comes to narrow spots (12o) and spots (18o). OptiAccent also reduces direct glare by a factor of 5, providing excellent visual comfort.Finally, at TrueFashion, the light spectra has also been thought of: the specially designed Philips LED recipes improve the colors (saturation) and whites, while at the same time there is a high degree of color fidelity (>CRI90).This way TrueFashion provides the very best lighting for your range.



    Best quality of light thanks to Philips Fashion Proof Optics. These prevent light spillage and glare by creating a high-intensity beam with an improved contrast ratio. In this way they enhance the store concept and evoke an atmosphere that enhances the attractiveness of the collection.

    TrueFashion is a range of miniature spotlights, designed to fit seamlessly into the store concept. The small dimensions and fine details create a contemporary look, while the recessed look limits the perception of dust and minimizes glare, so that attention is not distracted from the collection

    Fully prepared for international certification to support global expansion plans with dedicated logistics and global local presence



    Light quality with special Philips Fashion Proof Optics designed for clothing, with high center beam intensity, low glare and no light spillage

    Philips Fashion LED Flavors: PremiumWhite CRI 90, 3000K/3500K/4000K, PremiumColor and Denim

    Minimized head spot with a diameter of 66mm for the Mini size and 80mm for the Compact

    Full range of beams from extra narrow beam of 6° with 64,000 cd center beam intensity to beam angles of 12°/18°/24°/30°/36°

    TrueFashion EasyAim for Remote Shop Window Spotlighting and Interact Retail Display to Engage and Entice Street Shoppers



    • Interactive Retail


    • Stores
    • Shop windows

    Warnings and Safety

    The luminaire must be installed out of reach of persons

    The luminaire must be installed and disassembled by a qualified electrician and wired according to the latest IEE regulations for electrical installations or according to national requirements

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