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PHILIPS Xitanium LED Linear Drivers

  • Product family information Xitanium SR drivers are at the heart of any connected indoor lighting system. These intelligent, SR drivers standardise the connection between driver and sensor, eliminating the need for separate components or modules and ensuring compatibility. Our Xitanium LED linear LED SR drivers not only provide power conversion for LED lighting, but they also feature integrated power supplies and energy metering, enabling users to deliver actionable operational data such as energy consumption. Equally beneficial are the integrated sensor controllers, which provide daylight harvesting and occupancy patterns to a building management system, without the need for additional external components. Collectively they help bring connectivity and expanded functionality to luminaires. Benefits Simplified luminaire integration, with less wiring and components No need for a power box or power conversion Sensor Ready open concept, ideal for use with sensors and building-management systems Features Driver specifications comparable to Xitanium DALI drivers Simple two-wire interface for Philips EasyAir sensors Integrated energy metering for use in building-management systems from certified partners Suitable for Class I and Class II luminaires Five-year system warranty and 100,000-hour lifetime Applications Office Retail Healthcare Education
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